Wednesday, 6 January 2016

New articles added January 2016

Here are some new stories and articles added in January 2016.  Click on the tabs above to read them.

Cheshire woman has been to hell and back after brain haemorrhage
Despite aphasia, Jan’s voice soars
Doctor’s dream to speak fluently again
Meet the architect who communicates by drawing plans
Singing songs by The Beatles helped me recover from a stroke
The man who can only say yes and no

Funny but true:
Five stupid criminals
Children and older people
Funny stories – David Deubelbeiss
Ig Nobel prizes 2015
The centipede

Greyhounds – great pets
Paralysed man donates money raised for his treatment to help disabled boy
Pearl fishing in Broome
Pride of Britain 2013 winner

The natural world:
Animal heroes

Chocolate mug cake
Spicy salami and fresh tomato pasta


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