Wednesday, 7 January 2015

New articles added - January 2015

New stories and articles added.  I hope you enjoy reading them.
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Personal stories of living with aphasia:
After regaining her voice, resident gives back
Bunt’s story
Clive’s story
Despite a stroke, actor and athlete Chris Conlon keeps running
Speech therapy helps stroke victim
Bill Wainwright doing amazing things
Stroke – the hour that struck
At a loss for words
Stroke victim wakes only speaking language he never formally learned
Aphasia robbed Keith Howells of his ability to talk
A massive stroke robbed Catriona of her speech
After a stroke, photographer finds new medium
Funny but true:
Baked mouse found in UK bread loaf
Beijing hotel brochure
Heard on the London Underground
Julie Andrews on maturity
Strange but true
I love this doctor
Age-activated attention deficit disorder
The IgNobel Prizes 2014
US flying car maker eyes India
860 flavours of ice cream
Stupid is as stupid does
The dream traveller
Beating tiredness
Hot weather
The natural world:
Chicks can count
Chimpanzee feeds tiger cub
Cow chases bear away
Dogs can teach us many things
Dolphins are deep thinkers
Frogs hit high notes
Jasmine – a rescued dog who is now mother to others
Rover, call me an ambulance
Tarantulas can stick to glass
The caring owl
Two male penguins adopt abandoned chick
World’s strangest flowers
Chicken and vegetable frittata
Seafood casserole
Saucy sausage pasta

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