Funny but true

A news story from Africa

Chloe, the car surfing cat

Congratulations to all the kids

New Year traditions in England

Instructions for cleaning the toilet

The world's longest motorbike

Pointless research

Strange Christmas traditions

This smells odd

Toothless thief

A British man - 76 years driving... and then

Did you know ...1

Did you know..2.

Did you know . 3..

Did you know ... 4

Did you know ...5

Did you know ...6

Norwegian boy takes parents' car

Fishermen catch car

Lost cat finds way home - 320 kilometres

Heard on the London Underground

Husband makes bad call with the iron

Granpa thieves

Thieves steal bridge

Man turns up at own funeral

Cow chases bear away

Brazil inmates train cat for prison break

Strange but true

Heard on the London Underground

Julie Andrews on maturity 

Beijing hotel brochure 

Baked mouse found in UK bread loaf 

Age-activated attention deficit disorder

I love this doctor

The IgNobel Prizes 2014

US flying car maker eyes India 

Five stupid criminals
Children and older people

Funny stories - David Deubelbeiss

Ig Nobel prizes 2015

The centipede


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